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Major activities of Agricultural cooperatives Federation is:-

Finding market by coordinate members, give support and improve their market to be competent for internal and external market

Depend on their members need it supply for them like input supply,mashinary,tracktor,water motor, fertilizer, improved variety, insect side,herbside,forage, construction material

Depend on their members need by construct fabrics and industry which is beyond the capacity of union and primary cooperative and promote and improve their product quality for sell with better prices

It promoted product for internal and external by developed website and any promotion way

It support, coordinate, activated for research and study and find different members productive technology like input variety specially for farmers to improve their income

As region and nationally It established relation and agreement With in cooperative and stakeholder

Depend on members need within internal and external stake holder it works for farmers value addition

It support on using of technology that used of farmers services

They takecare for their members,union and primary cooperative rights and benefits including at high court as a region and nationally on behalf of them

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List of members of Oromia Agriculture Cooperative Federation are:

Meqi Union: