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The mission of the Coop. Federation is to enhance bargaining power of the farmers found all over the Oromia region benefited from new technology by producing quality and quantity products and get domestic and international market, changing their agricultural products to industry products (value addition) and making them competent


The vision of the Coop. Federation is to be a leader in the economic development of the country and aspires to see every farmer’s increasing its income and improving its standard of living by being strongly competent in the market

Established of federation and its member until November 30/2008

Oromia Agricultural cooperatives Federation Ltd Established with in local calendar April ,2/2001 which is owned by democratically organized by general assembly of 80 members with affiliated of 40 Agricultural cooperatives Unions and which have 100 mil Capital with share of 2,500 birr and from this by collect the initial capital of 18.3 mil and with primary cooperative members of 1,698 and which engaged with members of agriculture farmers/ agricultural activities of 1,158,358 from this( male is 1,077,474 and female is 80,884.

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List of members of Oromia Agriculture Cooperative Federation are:

Meqi Union: